Happy New Year!

January 1, 2016
Happy New Years

What a busy year we had in 2015!

We raced into the new year on Bureo’s skateboards, learned to walk with soft soles by Clamfeet, hit the ground running with shoes by Chooze and Zuzii, made new friends with Pals Socks and Lot801, dressed like mommy while wearing Matching Swans, covered our heads in Petite Soul, happily drooled all over our bibs by Fresh BiB, soothed our baby chompers with Finch Designs, Knotwork, and Little Standout teething toys, saw mama’s beauty in Neve/Hawk, went on adventures with Izzy and Ferd, ate our Kid Licks nail polish, basked in the sun while wearing Paxley eyewear, decorated our walls in Wee Gallery, celebrated the outdoors with Stick-lets, adored our favorite characters by Le Trango, blew bubbles with Kiko+, dressed like our favorite animals in Little Goodall and Salt City Emporium, felt cozy in Chasing Windmills’ merino wool, wore the coolest clothes by Geo FoxOde to Jeune, Crew & LuNico Nico, Ultra Violet Kids, and Lilla Barn, and fell fast asleep wrapped up in Born on Monday and Natti Natti bedding.

Boy, that was a mouthful. But worth it! Happy 2016 everyone!


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