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Nico Nico Kids’ Apparel

May 8, 2015
kids' apparel

We are proud to showcase an idyllic kids’ apparel company that does not skimp on style, ease, and environmental awareness. 

High fashion for kids does not have to mean high cost. With inspiration coming at parents from every direction {we’re looking at you Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr} it’s easy to assume that uber stylish kids’ clothes come with an unpractical price tag. At KIDOLO, we are committed to featuring outstanding kids’ clothing companies that offer premium looks, affordable prices, and environmental awareness to boot. Today’s wardrobe essential, Nico Nico.

kids' apparel

After a long and fruitful career as a women’s fashion designer, editor, and celebrity stylist, Sue Tsai channeled her talents toward a children’s clothing company after the birth of her son, Nico.  As someone who prioritized fashion and aesthetic appeal in her own life, she knew she wanted to pass down her love of fabric, design, and modernity to her own family.

kids' apparel kids' apparel

Made for children 18 months to 12 years, Nico Nico gives youngsters a leg up in developing their own sense of self expression. Nico Nico distinguishes itself from other kids’ apparel brands by prioritizing comfort, style, and cost, while keeping environmental consciousness top of mind. All garments are made in the U.S. using sustainable, organic cotton.

Quality, value and the appreciation of our environment is the most important thing that we can hand down to our future generation.

kids' apparel

Spring/summer ’15 was inspired by all things athletic – vintage gym class attire paired back with modern normcore. Nico Nico breaks the stereotype of jocks vs geeks and instead marries them together in a rambunctious, retro recess.

kids' apparelkids' apparel

Nico Nico’s philosophy is simple and attractive – pass down to your children a strong sense of ownership and pride for themselves and Mother Earth.

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