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Kenzie Jaws

December 18, 2014

Meet Kenzie Jaws, a kick*** mother of three who started a small shop for art and hand stamped children’s turbans which has now grown into one of our favorite destinations for silkscreen tees and onesies. 

The thing we love most about Kenzie Jaws is that she tells it like it is. Case in point, “I think I’m gonna kick it with my mom today” which is just a very true statement. Of all of Kenzie Jaw’s little slogans, two absolutely knocked our socks off: “Mom, tell me about the 90’s” and “Jungle hair don’t care.” I mean…

The other great thing about Kenzie Jaws is that your little critter can be a model! By posting a picture to instagram or twitter with #kenziejaws you could be featured on her social media accounts and website. So grab your cleanest bedspread, create a home studio, and snap some pictures people!

kenzie jaws mom 90s kenzie jaws jungle hair

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