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December 17, 2014
instagram prints

Remember One Hour Photo stores that used to dot every suburban strip mall? The thrill of getting a tangible copy of that moment you want to remember from that perfect get together. 

In the digital age we want to proudly offer you the Instagram generation’s equivalent to one hour photos – Print Studio. Print Studio provides prints from your Instagram account in 4×4 squares, mini squares, photo books, 12×12 frames, posters, photobooth strips, magnets, greeting cards, sticker books, t-shirts, buttons, desk calendars, double sided squares, and the list keeps growing. And at what price you may ask? Take the photo squares for instance, 24 prints for $12… Yup. Something this cool at an equally cool price.

We first came across Print Studio about a year ago when we were searching for creative gifting ideas and were blown away by the quality of the paper, crisp images, and overall craftsmanship of the company. Seriously, Print Studio is the legit of the legit. Also make sure to watch the company’s thank you/celebratory video when you’ve completed your order!



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