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Leota Dresses For Every Stage of a Woman’s Life

August 2, 2016
Leota maternity dresses and girls dresses

What does it mean to be a woman? To be honest, that’s not a question we even want to try to answer. For who could possibility boil down the wonders of womanhood into a Webster’s Dictionary definition? But one question we would ask women is, “who wants to feel good?” Like, really good. Like, catch a glance of your reflection in a mirror and love Continue Reading…

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Every Mother Counts

March 25, 2015

289,000 women die from childbirth every year which equates to one woman every two minutes. 99% of these deaths happen in the developing world. Each death leaves behind an average of four children orphaned and strips communities of key members who are instrumental to the community’s education, health, and leadership system. 98% of these deaths can be prevented.  Continue Reading…

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Milestone Cards

March 2, 2015
milestone cards

Babies have a lot of celebratory firsts. If only we had cards dedicated to adult milestones. Maybe if there were cards such as “Today, we turned in our tax returns on time” or “Today, we made lunches for the entire week,” we would actually do these things…  Continue Reading…