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#mumlifeproject – Support for Moms

February 12, 2015
Support for Moms

Time to discuss a topic often unspoken. 

It’s easy nowadays to scroll through Instagram feeds or peruse Pinterest boards and see beautiful children, happy moms, and picture perfect lives. Yes, motherhood is a wondrous blessing, but it can also be trying and challenging.

When the social world expects mothers to be superheroes, interior designers, Michelin star chefs, and perfectly styled to boot, #mumlifeproject offers much needed validation and support for moms who feel overwhelmed or inadequate.

By utilizing the hashtag, moms from around the world can share their stories, connect with others, and know that they are not alone. #mumlifeproject is safe haven for moms to discuss any and all issues affecting their personal well being and that of their family.

Once a month, a deserving mom receives a care package stocked with necessities to make her feel loved, cherished, and strong. Know a mom who could use this special package? Buy one from #mumlifeproject or opt to send a package to a worthy stranger.

Small gestures can have a great impact. Thank you #mumlifeproject for creating this special place. Time to spread the love.

support for moms


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