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The Book With No Pictures

December 20, 2014
novak children's book

Finally, someone has put Gaston in his place and backed up our dear Belle. The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak is exactly as its title suggests. 

A book, some words, a roaring personality, and a conduit to let children and parents’ minds fill in the spaces in between.

KIDOLO is fond of children’s books that humor jaded adults as well as kiddos. So we entirely trust The Office alum and Mindy Kaling’s bestie, B.J. Novak, to achieve this with his debut children’s book. KIDOLO is also fond of the indoctrination of our children to quality comedic voices whom we tune into after said kiddos are tucked in bed.

Let The Book With No Pictures be the opening act before your own bedtime story. And by bedtime story we mean binge watching past seasons of The Office on Netflix.

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