Kid Licks All Natural Nail Polish

May 6, 2015
all natural nail polish

Let’s face it, kids love eating the things they aren’t supposed to (and tend to not want to eat the things you tell them to, but that’s another issue). 

When you have kids, an essential lesson to learn is controlling what you can and living with what you can’t. Say your curious little tyke moves like lightening and eats a candy off of the grocery store floor. Unfortunately, his or her ninja-swift moves are out of your control. So as opposed to worrying about that, let’s instead focus on what you can control.

all natural nail polish

Certain toddler girls (and boys) love the idea of having painted nails like mommy. Fun colors, self expression, and focused bonding time make it a fun activity. However, nail polish is entirely comprised of harmful chemicals. We as adults may choose to ignore this for the sake of a fabulous manicure, but wouldn’t it be nice if there were an all-natural nail polish alternative suitable for kids (considering their instinct to eat everything)? Enter Kid Licks.

all natural nail polish

Kid Licks is a food-based nail polish that is safe if ingested – unintentionally or intentionally. Founders Audrey and Josh were in search of such a product and simply could not find a suitable option. So they put their heads together to create an all natural nail polish that is comprised of recognizable ingredients. We can only imagine what the trial and error process was like trying to create the optimal formula. What a fun, mad scientist learning curve it must have been!

all natural nail polish

Ingredients for each color include water, organic acacia, organic corn starch, citric acid, and either beets, carrots, or barley grass. Ya can’t get more straightforward than that folks! So remember, let go of what you can’t control and take full control of what you can – like what gets painted on your little ones’ adorable little toesies.

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