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Organic Skin Care by Zoe Organics

January 14, 2015
organic skin care

Living in your skin – something so simple, yet so complex. Whether you are prepping your skin for pregnancy, nurturing a post-pregnancy body, or just enjoying the feeling of well-cared-for skin, we’ve got you covered… literally. 

Zoe Organics is a 100% organic, hand crafted, USA made line of skin care and home products blended with raw ingredients and a whole lotta love. Zoe, meaning “life” in Greek, is more than a namesake for founder Heather Hamilton. Upon the sudden passing of her sister-in-law, with whom she had started the organic skin care line, Heather felt her 3 month old niece, Zoe, now embodied life not only for her family but for her company as well.

From a diaper balm to an insect repellant, Zoe Organics has something for the entire family. For the littlest member, the baby bath tea is an excellent alternative to soap for soothing and cleansing his or her delicate skin. For mom, the belly butter, nipple balm, and aromatherapy oil are absolute musts. Better yet, you can purchase various gift sets which include a multitude of mom essentials. For the entire family, Zoe Organics has created a 100% organic and chemical free insect repellent spray and candle. Can you believe it?! Say goodbye to harsh, Mother Nature assaulting bug sprays.

Zoe Organics also offers trial sizes for new clients (like KIDOLO) to test out. Though we will be placing an order for all of the above ASAP.

organic skin care

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