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Uncle Goose Wooden Blocks

January 15, 2015
wooden blocks

Ladies, gentlemen, little ladies, and little gentlemen, the quest for your new favorite playtime activity has ended. Please allow us to introduce you to our favorite uncle and his delightful wooden blocks. 

Uncle Goose is one seriously cool company. Consisting of artists and craftspeople who proudly never wear suits, Uncle Goose provides a plethora of stylized wooden blocks. No seriously, so many blocks: alphabet blocks, nautical blocks, nursery rhyme blocks, state blocks, monster blocks, bug blocks, and even authentic Eames blocks to name a few.

Oh, and for multilingual families, Uncle Goose offers alphabetical block sets in almost every language used today, including Arabic, Cherokee, Danish, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Maori, Persian, Portuguese, and Braille.

If these options aren’t enough for you and you wish to personalize your own blocks, customizable single letters are available to spell names or create little phrases. We were pretty ecstatic when we received our KIDOLO blocks, yet relieved to know that if one of our “O’s” decides to run away and join the circus, replacement blocks can be ordered.

USA made Uncle Goose blocks are also entirely eco-friendly and sustainable. By using the quick-growing basswood to create each block and applying non-toxic ink to adorn them, Uncle Goose proudly proclaims that a set made today could be enjoyed one hundred years from now.

Well there ya have it folks. Uncle Goose: not a blockhead among them, a chip off the old block, a real blockbuster. Okay, coming up with a new pun is giving me writers block. Alright, alright, just go buy some Uncle Goose wooden blocks.

wooden blockswooden blocks 2

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