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Painted Dominos

December 15, 2014
diy project

Dear readers, we want to make you a promise. We pinky swear, cross our heart and hope to Dick van Dyke to not post too many DIY projects. Why? 

Because we never want you to get excited about a seemingly easy project with the naive thought “I can do that” and come to find out that no, no you cannot do that. Please know that if we post a DIY it is because it is a true DIY. No “pinstrosities” here, folks.

Our first homemade project is a hand made dominos set made from painted rocks. This ideal afternoon activity is joyous from start to finish so go ahead and get started.  Here is a step by step guide:

[1] Take a walk [2] “Borrow” rocks from a neighbor’s rock garden [3] Rinse rocks with soap and water [4] Choose your color palette (6+ colors) [5] Tape the center of the rocks [6] Paint both sides of each rock with different colors, ensuring variety [7] Leave to dry [8] Remove tape [9] PLAY!

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

rock dominos 1rock dominos 2

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