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Stick-lets Stick Connectors

December 15, 2015
Stick-lets stick connectors

With the monumental recent agreement achieved by the United Nations Climate Change Conference, KIDOLO has been inspired to make meaningful steps of our own. One of the best ways to ensure a vital future for our planet is to teach our children to cherish the outdoors. We are honored to present Stick-lets, a truly special company taking on this initiative one stick at a time.

Stick-lets stick connectors

Stick-lets are modular, silicone connectors that allow kids (and adults) to make structures of all shapes and sizes out of sticks. While enjoying a dinner, Christina Kazakia and a few of her childhood friends reminisced on their favorite memories of yesteryear. As each person went around the table, Christina noticed a strong common denominator – every memory took place outside.

Stick-lets stick connectors Stick-lets stick connectors

This realization led Christina to wonder if kids today would have the same fondness for the outdoors as she and her friends did? With a new determination to reconnect children to the wonders of nature, Christina decided to dedicate her industrial design graduate thesis at the Rhode Island School of Design to the creation of a product that would encourage kids to reimagine the world around them. With her genius at work, Stick-lets became a reality.

Stick-lets stick connectors

By inspiring the inventor, structural engineer, and dreamer in every child, Stick-lets allows kids to engage with the outdoors in a way many modern toys negate. Sure, there are toys on the market that encourage kids to build, but they have to build pre-planned designs. With Stick-lets, kids can build anything their noggins imagine. By working together and working with resources Mother Nature has bestowed, unique structures are made and original stories are told.

Stick-lets stick connectors

May future generations live in a more beautiful world not only because of the UNCCC’s reduction in greenhouse gases, but also because they grew up engaging with nature in the way Stick-lets encourages. By seeing the world as a dear friend and playmate.

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