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Gunn and Swain

December 13, 2014
Mexican blanket

Is there anything cooler than a Mexican blanket right now? Nope, there’s nothing cooler. 

Take a relatively neutral space, add a traditional Mexican throw and, voila! Instantly you have a dynamic and vibrant room.

The married duo behind Gunn and Swain have curated blankets, baby moccasins, pillows, jewelry, tote bags, and more throughout their travels while effortlessly building lasting relationships with the craftspeople they meet on their nomadic journeys.  Keep their site bookmarked on your browser, as their assortment of handmade heirloom pieces will change with every new adventure.

And as if we didn’t love Gunn and Swain enough, the story behind their namesake is a story not even Nicholas Sparks could have penned. Gunn and Swain were the last names of their beloved grandmothers, who in their youth had been dear friends. As the two women grew up, their friendship distanced and yet two generations later, Gunn’s grandson and Swain’s granddaughter met and fell in love. Someone pass me a Kleenex from a Peruvian tissue box cozy!

gunn & swain 2gunn & swain picnic

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