Jams + Preserves by Sqirl

February 11, 2015
Sqirl preserves

Just like the easily distracted yet lovable dog from the animated film Up, “Sqirl” will definitely grab your attention. 

Sqirl founder, Jessica Koslow, believes in “preserving” the tradition of preserves. Without cutting corners or prioritizing quantity over quality, her operation is simple yet effective – know your farmers, buy local, and love the food you eat.

From start to finish, Jessica ensures her jams and jellies are made as they would have been before the advent of modern mass production. She partners with family-operated and certified organic farmers in Southern California, infuses the fruit with fair trade cane sugar and naturally occurring pectin, and preserves them in handmade copper jam pots.

Most of the farmers utilized by Sqirl harvest fruits and crops listed in The Ark of Taste, a catalog of delicious and distinctive food items facing extinction. Cultivated by Slow Food USAThe Ark of Taste is literally a Noah’s Ark for endangered food. Visit Slow Food USA to learn more about this incredible organization and its mission.

Drawn from these unique ingredients, the flavor combinations by Sqirl are “the jam.” For example, strawberry + rose, wild blueberry + tarragon, raspberries + fresh lavender, and featured below, blackberry + Meyer lemon. Mmmmmmm.

Sqirl preserves

You can purchase Sqirl jams directly from their website or from their restaurant in Los Angeles. Six month and 1 year subscriptions are also available for those who want a monthly supply of yummy goodness. We’ve gotta add that Sqirl is also frequently included within the perfectly curated Valleybrink Road gift boxes.

These scrumptious photos were challenging to take because every ounce of strength was needed not to chow down. Needless to say, the pastry didn’t last long once we got our shots.

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