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The Happy Sleeper

February 10, 2015
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At last, a science-based infant and child sleep guide that happily rests between the “cry it out” and “no cry” methods.

The Happy Sleeper by psychotherapists Julie Wright, MFT, and Heather Turgeon, MFT, is the book for anyone who has struggled with prevailing sleep training solutions that don’t resonate with his or her parenting style. By relying on a baby’s natural instinct for sleep, The Happy Sleeper empowers parents to help their babies get the recommended 11-12 hours of sleep per day. Yes, 11-12 hours!

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Sleep is imperative for the body’s ability to grow and rejuvenate; it is even more vital for our littlest humans to have this time to develop. Interrupted sleep, sleep predicated on exterior factors, or unhappy sleep can all interfere with a baby’s natural ability to rest and recharge.

Maintaining individual happiness within the construct of being a parent is a KIDOLO imperative. While attending the book release party at the Pump Station in Los Angeles (more on that in the coming days) we had the privilege of speaking with Julie about her and Heather’s philosophy. She commented that parents start to feel more like themselves once everyone is getting adequate sleep. This idea is expanded upon in The Happy Sleeper. The fundamental need for sleep is described as a “building block for your family’s health and happiness.” Lack of sleep impacts mood, creativity, focus, learning, and health – all vital aspects of a well balanced family life.

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The Happy Sleeper also embraces the child development and psychological principle known as scaffolding. When a new building is going up, scaffolding is put in place to support the new structure as it rises above ground; it is then taken down as the building strengthens in place. The same principle can be applied to parenting. Be there to protect and help strengthen your child but allow your little human to build his or her own solid foundation by learning through a little bit of struggle.

Do yourself and your family a favor and pour yourself into a copy of The Happy Sleeper. Nighty night!

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