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Andy Warhol Coloring Book

January 22, 2015
Andy Warhol coloring book

Andy Warhol fans – think you know everything about the famed artist? Well, did you know that one of his first commercial projects was a coloring book? Yeah, mind blown. 

The year is 1953 and a young, quirky artist stands in an Empire State Building hallway ready to meet Arthur and Teddy Edelman of Edelman Leather. Incorporating Andy Warhol’s fanciful drawings into the luxury brand’s image proved to be a fortuitous decision. The professional relationship flourished and Andy Warhol’s commercial illustrations propelled the duo into a new echelon.

Before entering into pop culture infamy, Warhol illustrated a coloring book for the Edelmans’ children as a Christmas present. Cherished privately for decades, A Coloring Book by Andy Warhol was released publicly in 2011 for a new generation of children to enjoy and appreciate Warhol’s genius.

KIDOLO is clearly feeling artsy-fartsy this week. Perhaps Wee Can Too’s organic finger paints can illuminate the pages of the Andy Warhol coloring book. These masterpieces are sure to be on permanent display at the prestigious refrigerator gallery.

Andy Warhol coloring bookAndy Warhol coloring book 2

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