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Vegan Shoes by Keep

January 6, 2015
Vegan Shoes

The vegan lifestyle has expanded beyond just a dietary choice. Cruelty free crusaders both big and small can now flaunt vegan shoes while strutting down the street. 

Keep, an LA-based shoe and apparel company, has proudly made vegan shoes since 2006. Embarking on a hunt for vegan shoes can be challenging, but Keep vows to make it simple and straightforward while prioritizing consciousness, community, and craft.

During a visit to their Fairfax Ave shop, KIDOLO fell head over heels (pun intended) for Keep’s Ramos Primary sneaker for kids. I mean… how charming are these little sneaks?! Made of organic canvas and a custom gum cup sole, they’re both durable and ethical.

Each pair, from the Ramos to the hightop Guerra, is named after a collaborating designer, artist, or world traveler, which demonstrates Keep’s prominence and deep connections in the community. Their current collab with Tegan and Sara has infiltrated a cool, quirky vibe sure to please mom and daughter duos.

KIDOLO knows a “keeper” when we see one so check out their store or online shop and grab yourself some new kicks.

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