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Eco-Amp iPhone Amplifier

January 23, 2015
iPhone amplifier

Something old/something new to help your fambam get down and groovy. 

Amplify your sound with eco-amp attachments for the iPhone and iPad. Utilizing the same elements as classic gramophones, albeit not quite that powerful, eco-amps direct the music played from your device’s speaker through either a horn or a corner projector. But these aren’t your great-grandaddy’s gramophones. These amplifiers are adorned with geometric shapes, animal prints, polka dots, or tree branches to truly magnify your personality.

With backgrounds in art, design, and architecture, founders David LeGrand and Hayley Strauss infused all of their talents into their company eco-made. Environmental standards were as important to them as composition. All eco-amps are made entirely of recyclable materials: the rich pigment of each print is made from a soy-based ink, while the structure itself is made of FSC approved 100% post consumer fiber paper. Can’t get more sustainable and environmentally friendly than that.

Creating products entirely in the U.S. was another value David and Hayley wanted to instill in their company. All eco-made products are manufactured in Los Angeles, benefiting the local economy while decreasing global environmental strains.

Easy to put together and just as easy to deconstruct for travel, eco-amps are ideal for camping trips, backyard playdates, or just around the house. Even the horn-shaped iPhone amplifier can be effortlessly unfolded to travel with you from place to place.

No matter where you are, let eco-amps boost the soundtrack of your family’s life.

iphone amplifier

iphone amplifier


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