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Wee Can Too Organic Finger Paints

January 21, 2015
organic finger paints 3

“No, no, no, no , no, don’t eat that!” But it’s just so colorful and it must taste as good as it looks, right? While these paints might not taste good, they definitely won’t harm your little Picasso. 

Wee Can Too organic finger paints allow young artists to freely display their creative whims without fear of ingesting harmful chemicals. By using organic, vegan, gluten free, sugar free, and preservative free pigments, Wee Can Too has created an award winning finger paint that is safe should a mouth replace the canvas.

Just add water, do a little 007 martini shake, and you’re ready to go! Wee Can Too organic finger paints come in five rich colors: purple/blue made from real blueberry powder, pink/red made from real beet powder, green made from real spinach powder, orange and yellow, each made from real pumpkin powder.

For preschool-aged artists, use Wee Can Too finger paints to show how colors can blend together to create new ones. What better way to highlight art as freeing and without limitation?

The dyes will thicken over time, but adding water after each use will extend the life and usability of the paint. Between art sessions, keep the paint bottles chilled in the refrigerator to ensure freshness. Remember, we’re dealing with all-natural fruit and veggie dyes here!

Alright little Rembrandts, Matisses, and Pollocks, KIDOLO thinks the next masterpiece will be celebrated for its genius as well as its organic composition.

organic finger paints

organic finger paints 2

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