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Personalized Children’s Products by I See Me!

January 20, 2015
Personalized Children's Products

Reached the age of your toddler’s egocentrism? The world is becoming a vast and exciting place but it definitely revolves around them. Sun, what sun???

Now your little tyke can be the hero/heroine of his or her own storybook with personalized children’s books by I See Me! Soar through the sky on a winged owl or launch into an intergalactic adventure. Submit your child’s first name, age, and gender (additional information may be given for a more specific story) and voila! A bedtime story starring Jackson and his Royal Birthday Adventure.

Curious to see how the final product will look like? Take the virtual book tour: select the book type you prefer, fill out the personal information, and click preview to get a sneak peak of your child’s upcoming literary journey.

Born in 2000 to founding parents Maia and Allan, I See Me! came to be after the duo’s son received a personalized book as a gift. Loving the concept but inspired to add eye-catching artistry and finesse, Maia and Allan set out to create personalized children’s books that truly felt unique. With the help of an illustrator and small design team, they created their first book and gave life to beautifully illustrated characters.

In addition to books, I See Me! also offers customizable puzzles, coloring books, placemats, sticker sets, growth charts, and more. All self-centered jokes aside, these personalized products help your little one gain self-esteem and understand how special he or she is to the world. KIDOLO could not resist the growth chart as we continually assess our own venture’s growth. And for good measure we bought the puzzle and stickers as well.

Perhaps I See Me! should consider making personalized books for parents too. KIDOLO suggests Michael and His Full Night’s Sleep. Talk about a fantasy.

I See Me! is graciously offering our readers a 20% discount on a purchase made before 3/27/2015. Use the promo code KIDOLO at checkout.

Personalized Children's Products

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