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Lilla Barn

August 4, 2015
lilla barn

The world is made up of many types of humans. There are the movers and shakers, the wonderers and go getters, the do gooders and ne’er-do-wellers, and then there are the makers.  Continue Reading…


Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs

March 26, 2015
naturally dyed Easter eggs

Happy first week of spring! What better way to celebrate this joyous time of the year than by dying Easter eggs! However, these are not your grocery store dyed eggs (not that we don’t love Paas); these are naturally dyed Easter eggs.  Continue Reading…


Watermelon Moon – Fashion for Kids

February 17, 2015
fashion for kids

“We dream of tie-dyed sneakers and floral-printed toaster ovens. We admire fractals in scientific microscopes and drool over the lush carpets of ornate Las Vegas casinos.” The world described by Aaryn West sounds like a KIDOLO dreamland.  Continue Reading…