Imps & Elfs Valentine’s Day Onesie and Cap

February 3, 2015
Valentine's Day onesie

We are really in the Valentine’s Day spirit. Still working on that V-Day jingle though… 

Imps & Elfs, a children’s clothing company based in Amsterdam, has been a long time KIDOLO favorite. Perhaps it’s because of the way Imps & Elfs infuses that Amsterdam cool-factor into each of its designs. Donning a onesie, tee, or pajama set is sure to give your offspring a palpable essence of European edge.

Wanderers and observers, Imps & Elfs‘ designers are inspired by all that they see; they use their children’s brand to reflect the world around them. Vintage dresses, pop art, movies, and music all influence their unique attire. Given the time of year, KIDOLO couldn’t resist the Valentine’s Day onesie and cap.

In addition to Imps & Elfs‘ aesthetic desirability, we admire the company greatly for its steadfast ethical values. Imps & Elfs is a proud partner of Made-By, a consulting company that ensures sustainable and humane practices within the garment and fashion industry – an industry recently exposed at the seams, revealing the chilling origins of some of our apparel.

Made-By works with companies to assure that each garment is made from organic materials and to guarantee ethical production practices. Other Made-By partners include Acne, Gucci, Eileen Fisher, and Tommy Hilfiger. Major kudos to these and all brands who value the lives of those who make and wear their clothing.

Clearly Imps & Elfs and Made-By deserve a lot of love and KIDOLO is happy to give it to them.

Valentine's Day onesie



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