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Play Imitates Life with Felt Toys by The Homespun Market

August 30, 2016

“Monkey see, monkey do.” Little ones love to mimic the things they see and hear. After all, the the world is a brand new place. How else are they supposed to learn about its intricacies? Lisa Thunder recognized her own daughter’s need to imitate, which inspired Lisa to create a handmade felt toy shop, The Homespun Market.

The Homespun Market felt food playset

What began as a way to entertain her daughters soon turned into a vast and unique felt toy company.

One day while I was making pasta for my kids, my daughter asked if she could make pasta too. That night when the kids were sleeping I grabbed a bunch of felt and started sewing a pasta play set. The next morning I gave it to her and it was a hit! She and her sisters played “kitchen” for hours.

From pasta to sweets, tea sets to even sushi, The Homespun Market has a felt food play set to satisfy any imaginative food craving.

The Homespun Market Felt food play set

The Homespun Market felt food playset

Yes, those are fresh felt fish! The Homespun Market has elevated the felt toy industry to a whole new level. Whether in a grocery store or at the park, Lisa is always open to new inspirations. Her designs not only entertain kids, they also amuse parents as well!

I personally enjoy a certain aesthetic and I love the challenge of creating something for kids that adults would also love in their homes. I like creating rarely seen healthy choice foods for children to create make believe meals too.

The Homespun Market campfire play set

Another wildly popular item in The Homespun Market shop is the campfire play set. A perfect way to nurture the love of the outdoors, this play set comes complete with a standing plush fire, an LED flameless candle, three unique logs, and a drawstring campfire storage bag.

Where was this when we were kids?! Slumber parties will never be the same.

The Homespun Market campfire play set

This is only a small fraction of the incredible goodies Lisa has created for The Homespun Market. Every toy, play set, and home accessory is made by hand with a whole lotta love. The true reward of making products for kids is the joy these items bring to their hearts – one felt cookie at a time…

The Homespun Market felt food

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