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Tattly Temporary Tattoos

March 9, 2015
temporary tattoos

Parents of today may not look like the parents of the past. We love mommies and daddies who cherish, celebrate, and own their bodies. They express themselves in unique and personal ways, sometimes by adorning their skin with artful tattoos. Tattoos are totally the new black, and ya can’t deny that kids love ’em too. 

As much as our own parents may groan over tattoos, kids tend to be transfixed by them. Don’t you remember going to the temporary tattoo vending machines at the grocery store and coveting the snarling black panther and ornate yin-yang tattoos? Can’t say they were the most attractive illustrations, but we kids loved them anyway! Why settle for tacky tats though? That is why Tina Roth Eisenberg sought to create a temporary tattoo company that actually provided cool, spunky designs.

Tattly, like many favorite KIDOLO companies, started as a small operation. With a carefully curated team and Mama Tina at the helm, Tattly fulfilled its 10,000th online order a mere 8 months after launching in 2011. Now four years later, Tattly has conquered the online and brick-and-mortar markets. You can snag a Tattly set in over 1,000 stores in 40 different countries. The company’s success has fostered numerous collaborations – most notably with NPR and Rifle Paper Co.

KIDOLO is a big Rifle Paper Co. fan; therefore, the Rosa design (as shown below) was a no brainer. But we could not pass up the metallic gold bracelet set either. I mean, how cool is that watch?!

tattly temporary tattoos

Your Tattly temporary tattoos come in either single packages of 2 or sets of 8. The set is perfect for sharing with besties or simply rockin’ a new tat every few days. Most designs last 2-4 days, with narrower lines tending to wear off earlier than thicker lines. And though every good thing must come to an end, you can extend the life of your temporary tattoo by gently cleaning the area with soap and water and placing it on skin that doesn’t produce as much sweat and oil. So for those of you, if any, dying for an armpit tattoo, you might want to rethink that.

tattly temporary tattoos

Tattly temporary tattoos are designed by a multitude of artists from around the world. Tattly provides a unique outlet for graphic and surface pattern designers to create memorable illustrations. The temporary tattoos are safe for all ages. They are FDA-certified non-toxic and are comprised of vegetable-based inks.

tattly temporary tattoos

“Every Tattly should come with a smile” and it certainly put a smile on our awesome models Sofia, Gracie, Leia, and Ellie, without whom we could n0t have done this post! Thanks ladies! We want to tell everyone about Tattly. Just call us “tattly” tales.

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