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Lot801 Encourages Kids to Proudly say “I Am…”

April 7, 2016
Lot801 I Am

Identity is a concept people wrestle with for a lifetime. Who am I? What do I stand for? Who will I become? These are all questions we’ve asked ourselves. Lot801’s latest kids clothing collection is encouraging kids to not only ask the question “who am I?” but to proudly answer “I am…”

Lot801, founded by Linsdsay White, is known for creating vibrant unisex kids clothing that also incorporates a message of kindness and mindfulness. Last year, the children’s clothing company motivated kids to make new friends with the “Sit By Me” collection. This season, Lot801 is asking kids to look inward and be proud of who they are.

Lot801 I Am

The “I Am…” collection fosters a child’s exploration of his or her dreams and ambitions.

“This collection is all about encouraging our little ones to be whoever they want to be. To fill in the blank of I Am…”

Lindsay always has a thorough understanding of her vision and successfully attempts for her clothes to spark a conversation between parent and child.

Lot801 I Am

Additionally, this collection embraces the athleisure aesthetic trending amongst adults. Linsday is always on the pulse of fashion and eagerly reinterprets trends to suit the needs of children. The athleisure look is actually ideal for kids, who are naturally active, playful, and lively.

Lot801 I am

As a designer, Lindsay is truly flexing her creative muscle. After the success of Lot801’s Hooded Cape (which sold out every time she restocked them), Lindsay decided to conquer bigger, better products. Later this spring we can expect to see adorable overalls and suspender skirts added to the collection. We’ve seen a sneak peek and they are to die for!

Lot801 I am

Lindsay, through Lot801, is on a mission to help parents raise a confident, kind, and stylish next generation. These wonder kids will be proud of themselves, love who they are, and not be timid in saying “I am…”

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