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Black i Boys, Clothing for Rowdy Kids

April 12, 2016
black i boys rowdy kids

Don’t let the name fool ya! This kids clothing brand is all about celebrating the kids (boys and girls) who play hard, laugh hard, and live life to the fullest – and in the process, get a little bruised. Black i Boys founder, Patricia Williams, sought to create a clothing line for rowdy kids and offer an alternative for parents who value affordability, durability, and style.

black i boys rowdy kids clothing

Before becoming a mother of three, Patricia had a long career working for Urban Outfitters. The retailer known for its homage to vintage clothing, off kilter pop culture, and an effervescent “cool” factor, aligned with Patricia’s personal style and world view. So when she began popping out little munchkins, she wanted them to carry on this aesthetic in their own authentic way.

black i boys rowdy kids clothing

Like many parents, Patricia had a hard time finding black clothing for kids. When she did come across something interesting, it was at a price that made her laugh out loud. Without any sewing or print making experience, she mustered up her strength and creativity and began making her ideal kids apparel – Black i Boys.

Black i Boys rowdy kids clothing

Ponchos have become a huge staple of Black i Boys’ collection. Patricia first stumbled upon this look when she was brainstorming beach towel alternatives. Her youngest son had difficulty keeping a towel wrapped around his body, so Patricia made this hands free, all-in-one piece. While maintaining the signature black, white, gray, and beige color palette, these ponchos now come in cross, heart, triangle, square, and circle designs.

black i boys rowdy kids clothing

In fact, Black i Boys’ ponchos became so popular amongst parents that Patricia began making adult ponchos as well! She has expanded the look to feature cacti desert motifs and classic houndstooth patterns.

black i boys rowdy kids clothing

Honoring her vintage clothing roots, Patricia has also begun banding together a group of female makers who specialize in up-cycling vintage tees and jackets for kids. This collection, known as Urban Recycled, is chock-full of bada** motorcycle vests and denim jackets, old band tees remade into girls’ dresses, and bandana bibs. We cannot wait to see more from these awesome ladies!

black i boys rowdy kids clothing

It’s inevitable, kids are going to get scrapes, cuts and bruises. These marks are little badges of honor for the kids who still climb trees, make forts, and use their surroundings for make-believe fun. Black i Boys is providing the ideal wardrobe for these rascally rugrats.

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