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Zoë b Organic Fantastic Beach Toys

March 6, 2015
beach toys

There is nothing better than a day spent at the beach. People flock to it for a good time; yet far too often, they leave behind more than just footprints in the sand.

Zoë b Organic, an eco-friendly manufacturer and product distributer, was created by “green-mom” Valerie Lecoeur. With a steadfast belief that our children and the planet they will inherit must be better protected, Zoë b Organic features products that are BPA-free, sustainable, organic, and made in the U.S.

Our oceans and the beaches that border them are among the most fragile resources on earth. Researching the amount of discarded trash that litters the sand and the water leads to some truly staggering statistics. If you have been following our posts, you already know that ridding the oceans of trash is a cause KIDOLO wholeheartedly endorses. We recently profiled an amazing company, Bureo, that turns discarded fishing nets into skateboards. We are ecstatic to have found Zoë b Organic, another company that is also taking a strong initiative to help halt the effects of plastic pollution.

beach toys

In an effort to make a small but mighty change, Valerie began taking her kids on “Trash & Treasure Hunts.” Within these hunts Valerie recounts, “we picked up a lot more trash and a lot less treasure.” This sobering discovery led her to create the very first biodegradable beach toys. The Zoë b Organic fantastic beach toys are made from USA grown corn, not plastic, which means they are entirely non-toxic, BPA-free, and sustainable. To put that into perspective, consider this: the fantastic beach toys break down in 2-3 years when submerged in sand or water. This compares to 500 years for ordinary plastics. Just let that sink in…

beach toys

The Zoë b Organic fantastic beach toys are also kid tested, Mother Earth approved. Our little friend here could not put the fantastic beach toys down, even with other toys at his disposal. All he wanted was to scoop up sand with the little shovel and sift it through the geometric shaped lid. Smart kid. 😉

For mothers who may have experienced cheaply-made beach toys that easily snap or get weathered from sun exposure, the fantastic beach toys have you covered. Zoë b Organic has utilized a unique “performance bioplastic” to keep these toys strong.

beach toys

And don’t worry, biodegradable in this case does not mean it will eventually shrivel or decompose in the dish washer. You can wash and re-wash, play and re-play, over and over again.

beach toys

We must add that Zoë b Organic is also the U.S. distributer of a previous KIDOLO must-have, the Milestone Cards!

Zoë b Organic, we could not agree with you more: “it is time to mother nature.” KIDOLO also believes Valerie Lecoeur, whose last name means “heart” in French, could not have had a more accurate name. Her love for her children and her respect for our tremendous planet have contributed to a movement that parents the world over can embrace.

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