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Modern Books, Classic Tales

January 12, 2015

There’s nothing like nestling in for a good book with timeless tales such as Goodnight iPad, Q is for Quinoa, and Texts from Jane Eyre…Wait, what? 

KIDOLO cannot recommend enough books for you and your clan. For today’s post, we are particularly excited to present a trio of books for every age in your family, each one encompassing a modern twist on a classic tale.

Goodnight iPad by Ann Droyd (get it?) mimics the rhythm and pace of Goodnight Moon while encouraging the unplugging of our various electronic devices in order to thoroughly enjoy quality togetherness at bedtime.

Q is for Quinoa by Joel Rickett and Spencer Wilson guides today’s parents through the new ABCs, highlighting that A is for active parenting, G is for glamping, and W is for wheat intolerant. Pretty spot on, non?

Lastly, Texts from Jane Eyre is very much the Cozy Classics novels for your tweens and teens. Author Mallory Ortberg has translated dozens of scenes from classic novels into present day text message conversations among characters. Clearly KIDOLO loves a good parody.

All three of these imaginative books have made tales from yesteryears relevant to the world we know today.


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