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Westerly Commons: West Coast Vibe Kids Clothing

January 28, 2015
kids clothing

Given the inclement weather most of the country is experiencing, KIDOLO is feeling very grateful for these sun kissed California days. We have found a clothing company that embodies the SoCal ease with every thread. 

Westerly Commons is a kids clothing brand that aims to give every little rugrat a California childhood by celebrating those long days spent outside from dusk ’til dawn. Hiking through wooded trails, camping in state parks, building sand castles, or riding your first wave, you will find that sense of adventure in every Westerly Commons tee and sweatshirt.

Based in Long Beach, CA, founder Haydee Sentianin set out to create a company that evoked a West Coast essence for all to enjoy, hence the name Westerly Commons: Westerly referring to California and Commons meaning something for everyone. With all garments made of 100% cotton/cotton blends and produced in the U.S., Westerly Commons is a company that fully deserves the KIDOLO stamp of approval.

We personally love the old school academic feel of the Collegiate sweatshirt as well as the bold colors and sweet message of the Love & Light tees. Another honorable mention is the I Back the Printed Word backpack.

In addition to the the online shop, make sure to check out Westerly Commons’ blog for additional inspirations and musings. We foresee good things from this brand and cannot wait to see what the rest of 2015 has in store.

Love & Light, KIDOLO.

kids clothing kids clothing

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