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Krochet Kids Sweatpants

February 9, 2015
Krochet Kids sweatpants

So what if it’s Monday, don’t sweat it. 

Probably the most comfortable yet fashionable item we have reviewed so far, the Krochet Kids sweatpants are the perfect remedy for any Monday blues. These handmade sweats will take you from morning coffee, to playtime at the park, to out-and-about exploring the town. This is no hyperbole. We have visually documented it to prove our point.

But Krochet Kids offers more than just sweatpants; beyond a stunning selection of apparel for men, women, and children, you can also find a range of headwear, bags, and accessories for all. What is truly inspiring about Krochet Kids, however, is the story behind the organization and the heartwarming magic of global connectivity behind each individual product.

Krochet Kids got its start when three high school boys picked up an unlikely hobby: crochet. Avid snowboarders, Kohl, Travis, and Stewart liked rocking their own creations while carving the slopes. Soon they were making hats for friends and family, who gave the trio the nickname, the “krochet kids.”

Krochet Kids sweatpants

Though they parted ways for college, their knack for the yarn and hook remained intact, while a greater sense of global awareness took root. During a summer abroad in Uganda, Stewart’s eyes were opened to the extreme poverty and dependence that native people experienced every day. He wanted to help break the cycle of poverty and had a hunch that something as simple as crocheting could be a powerful tool.

While still in college, Kohl, Travis, and Stewart made their way to Uganda, this time collectively with their non-profit license and suitcases full of yarn. They were amazed at how quickly the women of the village picked up the skill and what a positive impact crocheting had on their quality of life. Now, seven years later, Krochet Kids has evolved into an organization offering a wide range of clothing and accessories, all made by hand and by strong, masterful women in Uganda and Peru.

Krochet Kids sweatpants

The trio’s empowering business model has had an astounding influence on the women of Krochet Kids. When the organization gives a woman a job, an education, and mentorship, her income grows to be 10x larger and her personal savings increase by 25x; her odds of being a victim of domestic violence decrease 40% while the likelihood of her participation in major family decisions increases by 25%. Krochet Kids monitors these effects closely as they are entirely the company’s measures of success.

Each garment has the signature of the woman who sewed it together. The Meet the Ladies page allows you to learn more about each individual woman – her story and the impact Krochet Kids has had on her life and that of her family. Thank you Pilar for our sweats! We will think of you every time we put them on! Check out #knowwhomadeit to learn more about the people behind the products.

Krochet Kids sweatpants

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