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Animals in the Stars Lacing Activity Cards

March 20, 2015
Animals in the stars activity cards 4

“Twinkle, twinkle little star. How I wonder what you are.” Well wonder no more. 

There is a moment in everybody’s life when you realize how very small you are. Standing at the shore of the ocean or atop a great mountain can give you this feeling. But, probably the most humbling of sensations comes about when you gaze up at the night sky.

Can you remember the first time you truly saw the stars? Was it on a clear summer night or on a trip away from the city? There is a universal sense of wonderment we humans have for the stars and the space beyond. The night sky’s vastness can be overwhelming, so it is no wonder early astronomers described the constellations in terms we easily understand – as animals.

Animals in the stars activity cards 1

Dian G. Smith and Robie Rogge came up with a clever way to teach youngins about the wonders of the galaxy. Animals in the Stars Lacing Cards teach your little astronomer about 10 different constellations from Pegasus to Canis Major to the mighty Draco. Learn about the mythology behind each constellation and get familiar with each one’s unique shape by lacing the thread through each of the numbered holes.

Animals in the stars activity cards 2

Did we mention it glows in the dark, too!? Lace up the Animals in the Stars cards, leave them under natural or artificial light for a few minutes, then find a nice dark spot in the house and watch the constellations come to life! And when you’re ready, go outside and take a look at the real thing!

Animals in the stars activity cards 3

This is one of the most unique and fun activities KIDOLO has done recently. Lacing each card strengthens hand-eye coordination, improves muscle memory, and expands kids’ minds to think about large, abstract concepts.

“Up above the world so high, like a diamond in the sky” should really be “like a Great Bear in the sky.” Thank you Dian and Robie for such a creative and ingenious educational activity!

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