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Pura Non Plastic Baby Bottles

January 3, 2015
non plastic baby bottle

Just say no to plastic. It’s getting easier every day and we would like to give you the 411 on our favorite plastic-free alternative. 

Pura offers a non plastic baby bottle perfect for infants and toddlers. While many bottle companies claim their products are entirely free of plastics and other chemicals, Pura is truly 100% plastic-free. The California-based family business behind Pura has eliminated the need for plastic by using hypoallergenic and naturally occurring silicone for the nipples, spouts, caps, and sleeves.

The material composition, though, is not the only thing that sets Pura apart. Pura bottles grow with your child. The modular design is ingenious. Changeable nipples, spout covers, and bottle caps can be ordered to transform the Pura bottle into the perfect hydration companion as your child goes from infancy to toddlerhood and onto adulthood. The company’s motto of “One Life… One Bottle” is not just a tagline. The Pura bottle is an outstanding sustainable, environmentally conscious, and chemical free household product made right here in the U.S. of A.

And did we mention the bold color options? KIDOLO loves the light pink and orange combo.

So do your kids and Mother Earth a favor and switch over to Pura stainless steel bottles.


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