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Biobu Eco Friendly Dish Set

February 5, 2015
Eco Friendly Dish Set

Eco-friendly just got really cool. 

KIDOLO is all about finding plastic alternatives suitable for kids. So when we stumbled upon Ekobo’s stylish Biobu Bambino Kids Set made from biodegradable bamboo, we were completely sold.

The Biobu collection is designed for everyday use and is dishwasher safe. These sets will hold their own against all of your family meals, from hot soup to cold ice cream and everything in between. Plus they just look really cool. The colors are bold and eye-catching while the sleek style evokes a sense of Swedish-modern design.

Ekobo, a leader in eco-friendly and contemporary design for over a decade, works closely with members of two villages in Vietnam to create each of its products. These men and woman have perfected the craftsmanship behind bamboo work and have been given the opportunity to operate their own factories, bringing with it safer work environments, competitive wages, and the elimination of child labor. The shared leadership between Ekobo and the villagers enables consistency, independence, collaboration, and empowerment – values Ekobo views as non-negotiable.

We here at KIDOLO could not agree more.

Eco Friendly dish setEco Friendly Dish Set


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