Bedtime Snuggles with Slumberkins

August 5, 2016
Slumberkins bedtime slumber sloths

Our favorite time of the day, bedtime, is getting even more cuddly. How you ask? With help from some sloths, yetis, and bigfoot. Yes, you read that correctly. These unlikely cuddlers are the ideal bedtime friends according to Slumberkins

Slumberkins began when dear friends Callie and Kelly began brainstorming alternatives to the traditional lovey blanket. The two were pregnant at the same time and wanted to create lovies inspired by the real and imaginary creatures they adored. Within just a couple of months, Callie and Kelly welcomed their sons into the world – along with their new company, Slumberkins.

Slumberkins bedtime slumber sloths

Fun fact – did you know that a group of sloths is called a “bed” of sloths? We’d totally cuddle with this bed of sloths!

In addition to bedtime cuddles, Slumberkins helps develop healthy attachments, builds self-esteem, and calmly soothes anxieties in children. Callie, a special education teacher at a therapeutic program, and Kelly, a therapist and school counselor, developed the look and feel of each Slumberland Creature to nurture security and comfort.

Slumberkins bedtime Slumber Sloths

Callie and Kelly have also built an interactive bedtime routine within Slumberkins. All Slumber Sloths, Yetis, and Bigfoot lovies are accompanied by a Sleepytime Rhyme. These relaxing stories help induce mindfulness while promoting a healthy self-esteem and positive affirmation.

Slumberkins bedtime slumber sloths

We love the message behind Bigfoot’s Sleepytime Rhyme in particular. He’s just a misunderstood nice guy who loves himself unconditionally! All Sleepytime Rhymes are available for download on the Slumberkins website.

Slumberkins bedtime bigfoot

The sweetness of bedtime has become even sweeter with the help of Slumberkins’ sloth, yeti, and bigfoot creatures.

We hope our creatures provide an experience for both the child and parent that enhances the already special time of the bedtime routine.  It’s all about building positive, healthy attachments while snuggling the softest and (we think) cutest lovies out there.

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