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Themis Mobile by Clara von Zweigbergk

January 13, 2015
baby mobile

Your space means a lot. Our domains are entirely reflections of what we value and love. For your nursery, we have found a baby mobile that creatively introduces a modern aesthetic into your home. 

Clara von Zweigbergk has infused her award winning work as a graphic designer, illustrator, architect, and furniture designer into her clever Themis Mobile. With a career that has spanned from Europe to California, Clara created this imaginative baby mobile specifically for Los Angeles design destination, Artecnica.

Adorned with a bright, stimulating color palette, the Themis mobile is visually ideal for your little sprout (and for you). Made of a lightweight paper, simply fold the provided perforated sheets and peel off the adhesive flaps to create each geometric shape.

Don’t fret KIDOLO readers, so long as you don’t rush the process, putting the mobile together is actually quite fun and allows you to thoroughly appreciate the craftsmanship of Clara’s design. The Themis Mobile is truly an interior design aficionado’s sweet dream.

baby mobile


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