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Star Wars Prints by Jon E. Allen

December 24, 2014
star wars print

Jon E. Allen had us at… well, he had us at The Force. 

Jon E. Allen is a printmaker extraordinaire whose minimalist movie posters are the stuff of magic. Our personal favorites are his Star Wars’ Episode IV, V, and VI posters. They’re retro, symbolic and utterly perfect for a boy or girl’s bedroom.

Don’t worry, in addition to the Star Wars prints, Allen also has Blade Runner, Top Gun, Dawn of the Dead, and Breaking Bad posters for your more adult tastes. And make sure to check out the Moon poster. It’s absolutely genius (we <3 Sam Rockwell).

To display them, we decided to visit our local frame store and have each poster vacuum sealed and mounted on foam boards. This method prevents the chance of injury if art is ever knocked down due to rambunctious rough housing, which we kind of encourage.


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