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Personalized Gifts by Blue Fox Engraving

May 3, 2016
Blue Fox Engraving personalized gifts

Adventure awaits around every corner. Life events, both good and bad, can steer you on a path you never knew existed. So what do you get expecting parents about to start one of the greatest adventures of all? We suggest personalized gifts by Blue Fox Engraving.

blue fox engraving personalized gifts

Blue Fox Engraving truly began when Becky Dickerman and her husband began crafting with a laser engraver. The tool was quite handy while they were planning their wedding, but the idea of creating a business out of their new hobby remained where many dreams stay – in the back of their mind.

Four years later, Becky found herself in a situation many fear. The company she worked for went out of business, laying her off in the process. This misfortune, however, inspired her to take the dream from back of her mind and to the front. Becky thought to herself, “If not now, when?” With that, Blue Fox Engraving was now in business!

blue fox engraving personalized gifts baby blocks

The baby blocks by Blue Fox Engraving are for parents who wish to preserve special moments in a tasteful, simple way.

Modern day parents want to get away from the notion that “more is better,” and shift their focus on a “less is more” mindset. Our custom engraved baby blocks reflect the shift towards simplicity while fitting into the modern parent’s changing tastes as well.

blue fox engraving personalized gifts

Every item in the Blue Fox Engraving shop is crafted by hand (and a lot of heart too). Becky uses local suppliers and packages each gift with responsibly made materials.

Whether a customer chooses one of Blue Fox Engraving’s phrases or the special message their grandmother whispered in their ear, Becky aims to have every customer feel cared for and appreciated.

blue fox engraving personalized gifts

Every adventure needs love and support. Becky hopes Blue Fox Engraving inspires her son, Lincoln, to start his own grand adventure. As for the children receiving a Blue Box Engraving gift,

I hope that when they’re a little older, they can read the message engraved and know they’re loved and supported.

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