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Molly’s Suds Chemical Free Cleaner

January 2, 2015
chemical free cleaner

The times they are a-changin’. Once, collective consciousness believed we experienced better living through chemistry. Now we know how shockingly wrong we were. 

Monica Leonard is a pioneer in the age of transparent, chemical free household products. After a deep tragedy, Monica sprung into action and began a relentless investigation to determine what chemicals lurk in our bodies – not only from food and beverages, but from cleaning products, lotions, and detergents as well. After discovering that up to 240 government approved chemicals can seep into our bloodstream via common household products, she became determined to develop an all natural alternative.

Molly’s Suds provides laundry detergent, fabric whiteners, dryer balls, cloth diaper wash, and dog shampoo (so far) made of organic and pronounceable ingredients: purified water, essential oils, plant-based fatty acids, plant-based alcohol, and baking soda. Molly’s Suds chemical free cleaners are a KIDOLO household essential.

Thank you Molly’s Suds for your courage, determination, and unyielding ethical compass.

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