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Live Sweet Shop Animal Pillow

January 1, 2015

Confession time. KIDOLO has a soft spot for cute, cuddly critters that make our voices rise two octaves when squeezing them. 

Live Sweet Shop somehow knew our Achilles heel and, therefore, created an entire treasure trove of loveable beasts. Okay, maybe it wasn’t made for us but we sure did feel a strong kinship once we discovered Live Sweet Shop.

Choosing one adorable item over another was a near impossible task, so we resorted to the old standard “eenie meenie miney moe” and caught a blushing hedgehog by its toe. His name is Hamilton and he is perfect. He adorns a puffy, aqua tassled throw pillow, which is sure to bring sunshine and gumdrops to any room. An animal pillow is a fun, imaginative way to add lovable character to your little one’s space.

Hamilton will soon be reunited with his dear friends Finn Fawn and Beatrice Bunny (in case you were worried about his companionship).

Little Sweet shop 2

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