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The Little Yoga Mat

January 9, 2015
yoga mat

KIDOLO recently discovered how painfully adorable it is to see little tykes bending into downward dog. Seriously, there’s hardly a cuter sight than wobbly bums pointing to the sky. 

Yoga instructor Jensen Wheeler Wolfe faced a particular challenge when she was asked to teach at her daughter’s preschool. What would twenty children use as mats? Adult yoga mats were too large to accommodate the room and too spacious for the preschoolers to stay focused on their poses. So she and her husband grabbed a pair of shears and cut adult sized yoga mats into fourths, thus creating perfectly sized yoga mats for small pupils. Realizing yoga mats for children were a rarity, Jensen decided to start her own company, The Little Yoga Mat.

The Little Yoga Mat utilizes the same components as adult sized yoga mats. The mats are BPA and latex free, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, and recyclable. They ensure a non-slip grip and easy cleanup and are adequately sized for young practitioners. Not sacrificing design over function, The Little Yoga Mat also offers mats in sun and lotus inspired prints with chakra energizing colors.

Yoga’s noncompetitive nature allows children to increase relaxation and focus, improve digestion, and boost self-confidence. Yoga is also a great supplementary practice to do alongside other extracurricular activities such as karate, dance, gymnastics, and soccer.

KIDOLO parents and progenies, time to roll out your yoga mats and start your day with The Little Yoga Mat‘s special poses: Fabulous Mr. Frog, Chatty Butterfly, and Lotus Flower. Now you have no excuse to nama-stay-in bed.

yoga mat

yoga mat


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