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Handmade Bows and Accessories by Zozu Baby

May 24, 2016
Zozu Baby bows

What do you think of when you hear the word “bow?” Ribbons and curls? Girly and glitter? What about spunky and distinct? Well, that is exactly what comes to mind when we think about the accessories by Zozu Baby. These aren’t your normal bows; these handmade bows allow your little one’s personality to shine.

Zozu Baby handmade bows

Zozu Baby began after Sandy Zucker and her husband welcomed their daughter, Zoey, into the world. Though they had this sweet baby girl, the two weren’t keen on dressing her in stereotypically feminine clothes. Most of the accessories for infant girls on the market were glitter-fied and ruffly, so Sandy began creating her own handmade bows that reflected the simple and clean look they wanted for Zoey.

Zozu baby handmade bows

Sandy’s handmade bows quickly became fan favorites among other parents who preferred understated and quirky designs over frills and flounce. Fun fact – the word Zozu is a shortened version of Zoey’s name! ZOey ZUcker. Ta-da!

Zozu baby handmade bows

Through this creative journey, Sandy learned not to underestimate the power of a bow.

Zozu Baby started as a way to dress up my daughter’s wardrobe, but has turned in to so much more. It’s such a fun way to express a sense of style in the littlest of ways. A bow or bow tie can speak volumes of each child’s unique personality.

Zozu Baby handmade bows

Expressing a wide variety of personalities is easy to accomplish with Zozu Baby’s vast assortment of bows. From itty bitty felt bows in colors that pop, to the newly released 4th of July collection, Zozu Baby has a bow for every tot and every occasion.

I hope kids are able to shine bright and let their personality fly. The bow is just a complement to the person wearing the bow. We never want to take away from the child, only enhance their creativity and spunk!

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