Awesome Bars – Granola Bars for Families on the Go

February 20, 2015
granola bar

What’s in a name? A whole lotta awesome, that’s what. We have a new motto for you, “You Can’t Fake Awesome.” 

Picture this. You’re on the go taking care of a series of errands when suddenly your patient little co-pilot gets hungry. What’s not so awesome? Not having an easy snack to keep tummy rumbly fussiness at bay. What is awesome? Reaching into your purse and taking out an Awesome Bar.

granola bars

Handmade by two San Francisco based sisters, Leah and Stephanie, Awesome Bars are the ideal snack for parents and their crew. Leah and Stephanie strive to make granola bars that are nutritious and tasty. We cannot tell you how often we’ve gone to the grocery store and eagerly tried a new granola bar (we’re usually swayed by cool packaging) only to be grossly underwhelmed by the taste. On the few occasions we have loved the taste, disappointment rings in when we learn that the bars are loaded in sugar and lack nutritional value. But Awesome Bars pass the taste and health test with flying colors.

Awesome Bars are vegan and consist entirely of organic ingredients with absolutely no preservatives, protein powders, or GMO’s. The Awesome Bar team truly takes a hands-on approach when it comes to making the granola bars. By hand rolling each batch, manually cutting batches into portions, and packaging each individual bar into its biodegradable wrapper, The Awesome Bar team ensures quality, consistency, and love. Yup, these bars have an awesome life span.

granola bar

There are (currently) five yummy Awesome Bar flavors: salty peanut, cherry almond, coconut pecan, blueberry almond, and cranberry trail mix. Buy separately or in variety packs. Depending on the size of your fam, KIDOLO suggests just going ahead and buying a box of 40. You never know when hunger will strike, but when it does, make it Awesome.

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