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Reversible Bibs by Fresh BiB

April 23, 2015
bibs by fresh bibs

Don’t think we could have said it better ourselves, “We make it cool to drool.” 

Like all parents who came before them, Brooke and Adam Fish were once new parents who had no clue what to expect. Without a how-to manual or clear instructions as to what this whole parenting-thing was truly about, the two made their way through the adventures of raising a family. Now the parents of four healthy boys, Brooke and Adam have learned a thing or two along the way: sleep training, meal schedules, and of course, proper wardrobe attire.

bibs by fresh bibsWith Brook’s background in design and Adam’s career as an international photographer, the two put their heads together to come up with a killer product that all parents and kids need in their arsenal – bibs, bibs, and more bibs. Spills, dribbles, and drools are unavoidable for infants and toddlers. Fresh BiB makes it easy and fashionable to keep clothes in the clear.

Bibs should stay put, keep clothes clean, look good and be comfortable.

bibs by fresh bibsFresh BiB offers subscriptions for new bibs to be delivered to your door in two unique ways: either choose a monthly subscription or a pre-paid 3, 6, 9, or 12 month subscription. You’ll receive a brand new, randomly selected, and entirely reversible bib each month. Yes, reversible! <Genius> You’re basically getting two bibs each month that are durable, comfortable, and wiggle proof.

bibs by fresh bibsUnlike most bibs that can easily be pulled off by fussy tots, the bibs by Fresh BiB stay put. They comfortably snap in place (no velcro in sight) and aren’t too tight around the neck. Plus, each of the designs is seriously dope. Don’t believe us? Just listen to these experts:

Once the order has been placed, your bib will immediately be rolled up and perfectly packaged in a jar to showcase the contrasting prints. This unique presentation not only looks cool but it also ensures that each bib is fresh and clean.

bibs by fresh bibsSignature green threads and snaps are used to remind parents that each day is a new beginning. Life will be messy, you will be messy, and your kids will certainly be messy. But don’t sweat it, just grab a Fresh BiB.

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