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St. John Ambulance The Chokeables Advert

January 27, 2015

Pascal the hydraulic robotic arm, the subject of yesterday’s post, included many, many tiny pieces… 

The instructions for the robotic arm advised children be 12 years and older to partake in the assembly process. But what to do in case curious younger siblings were to hover and watch the action? Certain precautions should be taken.

You may have seen this informative and entertaining video by St. John Ambulance percolating your news feeds recently and we wanted to do our civic duty by sharing it with our human friends (as so requested at the end of the video by Mr. Pen Cap).

The St. John Ambulance The Chokeables Advert explains that some of the most intriguing and attractive objects to babies can be the most harmful. They’re cute and little; therefore, they must be tasty too. This video cleverly illustrates how seemingly harmless objects can be formidable threats. And if the worst were to ever happen, it also gives you proper instructions on how to correctly clear airways from obstructing objects.

Let’s put a stop to choking on innocent looking things (and lets hear more British baritone princesses).

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