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December 13, 2014
bath time

Nothing puts a damper on bath time like a bonked head. 

Bath time, ignoring its ominous foreshadowing to bedtime, can truly be one of the most magical and intimate moments in your little one’s day. There are special bath time toys, bath time songs, and adventures that can only be explored by being in the bath. The last thing bath time needs is the ultimate party foul – an ouchy. Thankfully, Puj has developed a snug little spout cover to eliminate this threat.

Made entirely of recycled materials from their equally innovative infant tubs, these PVC and BPA free covers are nonabsorbent and are flexible enough to fit over most faucets. Oh, and did we mention they’re shaped like elephants? Yes, the running water will appear to run from its trunk. The married design team behind Puj products have both function and form at top of mind.

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