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December 19, 2014
party decor

We love fun and creative ways to transform a rented space. Today’s family doesn’t necessarily follow the previous order of marriage > home ownership > children.

In fact, having children may be the first milestone couples choose to invite into their lives. So what do you do when a little munchkin enters your rented apartment? Consider this the first of many posts in which we highlight ways to make any room feel owned.

First up, enchanting paper garlands by Paper Fox LA. These gals have strung together vibrant tassels perfect for permanent or party décor. Featured is the Waimea Bay Tassel Garland but make sure to check out Wild Orchid, Teenage Dream, and Aubrey Hepburn tassels too! With a variety of lengths and arrangements, these easy to hang garlands are the perfect way to bring personality and vibrancy to a rented space. Hashtag OWNED.


tassel 1

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