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Bedfellows Roasting Co.

December 26, 2014

Ok parents, here’s a post just for you. There may only be few moments in your day to take a deep breath, collect your thoughts, and remember that you are a human being. 

Your coffee break will help you through this.

We would like to warmly introduce you to Bedfellows Roasting Co. This San Francisco based roaster delivers delicious, premium quality coffee beans right to your door. For free! Well, free shipping that is, while keeping the cost per bag less than major coffee companies. Bedfellows proudly offers four heirloom roasts: a championed and complex Ethiopia Yirga Cheffe kochore, a rich and sweet Guatemalan atilian, a sultry Colombian and Ethiopian blend, and a Kenyan decaf processed entirely chemically free.

We think it’s time to put the rascals down for a nap, bring out the chemex, and pour yourself a good ol’ cup of Bedfellows.

bedfellows 4

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