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Little Passports – A Global Adventure

January 8, 2015
Little Passports A Global Adventure

Here at KIDOLO, we strongly believe in strengthening the idea of global citizenship. National pride is powerful and identifiable, but gaining a deeper appreciation for all countries and cultures is our modest proposal for a more peaceful world.

With this international unity in mind, Little Passports’ global adventure particularly touched our hearts. Each month your little world travelers follow Sam and Sophia as they explore a new country. In the first month, your child will receive a suitcase complete with a passport, world map, a personalized letter from Sam and Sophia, as well as stickers and an activity log. With every month that follows, Sam and Sophia send souvenirs, photos, stickers for the passport, and letters detailing their lively travels.

Each month allows your adventurers to comprehensively understand the ins and outs of a country’s culture, cuisine, language, geography, and history from the perspective of kids like them. Little Passports offers three different adventures: Early Travelers for wanderers ages 3-5 , World Edition for wanderers ages 5-10, or the USA Edition for wanderers ages 5-10.

Alright little explorers, bon voyage! Your global adventure awaits!

little passports a global adventurelittle passports a global adventure 2

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