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I Am Calendar by Dani Katz

January 5, 2015

If you have already purchased your 2015 calendar, give it the old heave-ho. Or if you have not found a calendar yet, this is one time snoozing will not result in losing. 

Kick off 2015 with writer, artist, and all around cool human Dani Katz and her delightful creation I Am Calendar. Now, this is no ordinary calendar. Not only is it covered in Dani’s zany doodles, it is also dotted with new celebratory days for you to discover: pay respect to G. I. Gurdjieff on January 14th, Martha Graham on May 11th, and Bill Murray on September 21st. Or write in your own holidays! We’ve already dubbed December 13th KIDOLO day. Additionally, each month bestows a mantra to guide you through a more grateful, strong, and electrifying year. Join Dani’s mailing list, as well, for more well wishes and good vibes.

Oh, and if you’ve ever been in line at Whole Foods and heard the cashier mention that Mercury is in retrograde and wondered a) what the heck that even means, b) when did it start, and c) when will it end, Dani’s got ya covered. Namaste.

I am calendar 22

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