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Dapple Natural Cleaning Products

January 29, 2015
natural cleaning products

Okay, you’ve amassed an arsenal of BPA-free bottles and dishes, the fridge is stocked with organic produce and food, but what do you use to clean up these chow-down messes? 

Mommies turned entrepreneurs, Tamar and Dana, felt there was a gap in the market when it came to all natural cleaning supplies. As new moms, they saw an abundance of chemical free bottles, cups, and dishes, but not suitable cleaning products. Thus Dapple was born.

With a selection of products including dish and bottle soaps, cleaning sprays for toys, and pacifier wipes, Dapple is the secret weapon for life’s messiest moments.

Dapple cleaning supplies consist of a powerful blend of ingredients strong enough to handle the gooiest, stickiest, and stuck-on messes, yet gentle enough for your family and Mother Earth. Take a look at their product labels and you’ll see a list of ingredients that are familiar, easy to read, and traceable to their natural sources. In addition, Dapple’s ingredients go through a strict screening process to ensure all are toxin and allergen free.

Alright dried milk, splashed split pea soup, and smeared cashew butter, your days are numbered. There’s a new sheriff in town who’s really packing some heat. Ready, set, draw!

natural cleaning products

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